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Modelář od:1980




A Japanese modeler interested in HLG and other flatland soaring.

Komentáře uživatele Yasu
beloritka 28.10.2013 14:32
Thowt F3K 19.1.2013 11:36
Hi Petr,
Around 46 meters measured by on board logger, in morning calm air.
I am a kind of average launcher.
Thowt F3K 17.1.2013 01:28
Hello Petr,
Wing(with two HS-35HD)=142.3g Fuselage=120.7g
Thanks for Sanwa 3.7v compatible Rx(without case and shrink packed), I could adopt 3.7V 520mAh Lipo battery.
The battery is originally for Hitec Solo pro 328 helicopters.
It is very slim(59*18*6mm) and the weight is around 14grams.
Nose ballast around 5grams is needed.
However, I feel more comfortable when I fly it with 15grams C.G.ballast :-)
Thowt F3K 13.1.2013 14:23
Thank you Libor,
It is nice idea. I will tell my friends.
MIMI 16.8.2012 13:19
Very cool!
micro DLG-15 2.3.2011 23:03
Thank you for comments.
The shape of outer wing is designed for using swept back effect for save dihedral angle.

The avarage duration time in morning still air is 59sec.(20 launches).
Launch height is around 35m.
Fox DLG mod. 23.2.2011 22:10
Thank you. I'm glad to receive comments.

Oh yes, yes.

Yes, it's my idea.
Additional lower fin is made by the foam dug out from the cockpit.
Battery is buried under the wing.
DLA5 22.2.2011 21:37
Thank you.
Here is my friend's build log of the predecessor model. It weighs 211g.
It has slightly large wing area and he used four 11g servos.

My plane's wing is 93g and I used three lighter D47 and one 9g servo.
So I could save weight,

Due to Japan's mild climate, many flyers prefer light sailplane.
Many of them uses 1 cell Lipo with or without booster circuits.
micro DLG #14 21.2.2011 03:46
Thanks for comment.
Yes, 37g is all up weight.
Wing: 12g, tail group: 2g, boom: 2.6g, pod: 2g, and RC parts: about 19g
DLA4-FX 19.2.2011 15:12
Thanks for the comment.
The manufacturer of the original kit is Mr. Shuhei Okamoto, a major Japanese competition flyer.
He is one of the pioneers of HLG in Japan(built HLGs from 1980s).
He currently ceased production due to his public duty.
The cost of whole kit was around 500 USD.
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